Timor – Friends of Jesus– Basic School

Who we are

We are the Friends of Jesus Community Foundation, based in Dili, East Timor, chaired by Board of Trustees Felgueiras formed by Father John and Father Jose Alves Martins Jesuit missionaries in East Timor. We are also the Friends of Jesus School, owned by the Foundation and with close connection with the Society of Jesus.

How we born

Between 1988 and 1991, verifying the enormous difficulties for many families to ensure the human and Christian formation of their children, Felgueiras asked Father John, Father General of the Society of Jesus, a Fund financial support that allowed those families and reduce their difficulties.

Thus, with an initial fund of USD 4000, we started in 1992 to support 40 students. In the following years were assisted about 1,000 students, who were distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This assistance was provided in the residence itself the Society of Jesus in Lahane. Given the large number of students every day looking for us, at the request of many of them, began to teach the Portuguese language, followed by other matters.

Soon increased enrollment of those who wanted to learn and little time we spent to support 3000 children and young people. So began an informal school, allowing, in the last years of Indonesian occupation, was openly taught the Portuguese language in Lahane! After the tragedies of 1999, resumed activities, teaching under the trees and the front porches of neighbors, or in rooms borrowed from other schools and temporary stands. Finally, on May 1, 2008, was blessed by the Lord Bishop of Baucau, D . Basilio do Nascimento, the new building, which began to operate our school: School Friends of Jesus. Thus was born too, with primary responsibility for taking over the management and operation of this school, the Community Foundation Friends of Jesus.

What we do

The Friends of Jesus Community Foundation is dedicated essentially to the formation of children and youth through a program of grants for study and, above all, through the Friends of Jesus School.

The School currently has six classes, with a total of 700 students.

What we are aiming

Although we have now and never had facilities, there is still a lack of classrooms and other essential areas, such as sports hall, a canteen or functional laboratories in order to meet the demands associated with the new core curriculum officer in East Timor, which is now 9 years old.

Thus, we intend to build a new building with more space and better teaching conditions, which allows also to reduce the number of students per class in order to improve the quality of education.

Therefore, we invite all those who can and want to support us in this extraordinary task of helping to build a better future for children and young people of East Timor.