O’porto Obra Diocesana

The general goal of this project by Obra Diocesana de Promoção Social (ODPS) (Diocesan Work for Social Promotion) is to improve the social promotion of populations from where the institution operates. In other words, it wishes to reanimate individuals, groups, and communities, so they can find a positive new situation and realise that they are responsible for taking advantage of their own potential and participate in the social, economic and cultural life, developing a sociable and solidary spirit.

Considering the contact with local communities and the social and political situation, ODPS created properly equipped community centres that “support disabled citizens in the old age, children, young people and families, in order to integrally promote them, by means of solidarity and justice”.

ODPS supports the most needing population in the following council housings: Carriçal, Cerco do Porto, Fonte da Moura, Lagarteiro, Machado Vaz, Pasteleira, Pinheiro Torres, Rainha D. Leonor, Regado, São João de Deus, São Roque da Lameira and São Tomé. Here, ODPS installed 12 community centres, which offer services such as day nurseries, preschools, day centres, social centres, and domiciliary care (weekends and holidays included), in addition to the Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental (CAFAP) (Family Support and Counselling Centre).

(Josefina Basenga)

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APPACDM – hydrotherapy activities

The project’s aim is to revitalise the therapeutic field.

At present, there is a pool that does not suit the needs of its users, because of the inexistence of basic conditions and the need for new indispensible machinery.

The current pool will be transformed into a therapeutic one of 3mx6m, accessed by a ladder or a specific lift, allowing the users ofAPPACDM of Porto to have aquafit and hydrotherapy activities. In addition, there will be a room for rehabilitation exercises, and training and teaching of different mobility and learning techniques; two rooms with hydromassage units; three rooms for therapies with individual showers; and two changing rooms.

(Josefina Basenga)

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Lustosa Social Center

The recent conclusion and availability of lands belonging to Parque Industrial de Lustosa (Lustosa’s Industrial Park) became a local development factor, creating companies and jobs, and strengthening the need for support equipment to the already installed families, and those who arrived in the meantime.

This aspect worsened the urgent need to respond to families during working hours, because of the existence of children from dysfunctional families exposed to eminent risk/danger situations.

(Father Felisberto Alves Capela)

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CSP Carvalhosa - Day Nursery

The new Creche do Centro Social e Paroquial da Carvalhosa (Day Nursery of the Community and Parish Centre of Carvalhosa) is a consequence of the lack of response from local institutions, a reality noticed a long time ago and proved by a study conducted by a local organisation.

With the transition of the previous users to the Pólo de Fontão, the conversion of this institution into a day nursery became possible. So, a licensing project for a day nursery with 33 users and domiciliary care for 50 users was implemented.

This project’s main goal is to provide the population with a new day nursery and increase the number of users of domiciliary care from 15 to 50.

(Father José Avelino Torres Moreira)

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CLAP night shelter

The exaggerated increase of the elderly population and of scattered families generates serious needs and isolation within this type of people.

In addition, there aren’t any health care facilities in the area and accessing the ones in the city is very difficult, due to the deficient network of public transportation.

To diminish the difficulties that come from isolation, and to delay or avoid institutionalisation, CLAP proposes the creation of a night shelter. These facilities would be located in the current primary school of Paço, in Vila Chã do Marão, which will close next June, due to the inauguration of the city’s school centre.

(Father José Magalhães)

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UDIPSS Porto Head Office

The organisational mission of the Union, its nature and principles implicit in its origins were essentially based in the organisational and technical needs and weaknesses of institutions of social solidarity.

The current headquarters were purchased, in 1991, by the then president of the Secretariado Distrital da União das Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social (UIPSS) (District Registry of the Union of Private Social SolidarityInstitutions) financed by many entities, specially the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Civil Government of Porto, and multiple municipalities. In 2008, after all bureaucratic procedures related to the autonomisation of district registries, the ownership changed to UDIPSS-PORTO. However, because of the years passed, the lack of resources, the increasing legal demands, and the lack of funding, it was never possible to recover and adapt the building to its functional reality according to the standards, to guarantee the safety and well-being of all its regular visitors.

Nowadays, the building is severely deteriorated, in need of a deep intervention, but much beyond the financial possibilities of UDIPSS-PORTO.

(Father José Lopes Baptista)

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